86 Securing Your Computer
It is recommended that you do not write down your password. If you do write it down, however, ensure
that the password is stored in a secure place.
Do not share your password with other people.
Ensure that people are not watching you when you type your password.
NOTICE: Passwords provide a high level of security for data in your computer or hard drive. However, they are not
foolproof. If you require more security, obtain and use additional forms of protection, such as smart cards, data
encryption programs, or PC Cards with encryption features.
To add or change passwords, access User Accounts from the Control Panel.
If you forget any of your passwords, contact Dell (see "Contacting Dell" on page155). For your
protection, Dell technical support staff will ask you for proof of your identity to ensure that only an
authorized person can use the computer.
Computer Tracking Software
Computer tracking software may enable you to locate your computer if it is lost or stolen. The software is
optional and may be purchased when you order your Dell™ computer, or you can contact your Dell sales
representative for information about this security feature.
NOTE: Computer tracking software may not be available in certain countries.
NOTE: If you have computer tracking software and your computer is lost or stolen, you must contact the company
that provides the tracking service to report the missing computer.
If Your Computer Is Lost or Stolen
Call a law enforcement agency to report the lost or stolen computer. Include the Service Tag in your
description of the computer. Ask that a case number be assigned and write down the number, along
with the name, address, and phone number of the law enforcement agency. If possible, obtain the
name of the investigating officer.
NOTE: If you know where the computer was lost or stolen, call a law enforcement agency in that area. If you do not
know, call a law enforcement agency where you live.
If the computer belongs to a company, notify the security office of the company.
Contact Dell customer service to report the missing computer. Provide the computer Service Tag, the
case number, and the name, address, and phone number of the law enforcement agency to which you
reported the missing computer. If possible, give the name of the investigating officer.
The Dell customer service representative will log your report under the computer Service Tag and record
the computer as missing or stolen. If someone calls Dell for technical assistance and gives your Service
Tag, the computer is identified automatically as missing or stolen. The representative will attempt to get
the phone number and address of the caller. Dell will then contact the law enforcement agency to which
you reported of the missing computer.
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