Using Cards 71
Using Cards


ExpressCards leverage PC Card technology to provide a fast and convenient way to add memory,
wired and wireless network communications (including wireless wide area network [WWAN]
communications), multimedia, and security features to your computer.
See "Specifications" on page137 for in formation on supported ExpressCards.
NOTE: An ExpressCard is not a bootable device.
NOTE: ExpressCards may not be available in some regions.

ExpressCard Blanks

Your computer shipped with a plastic blank installed in the ExpressCard slot. Blanks protect unused
slots from dust and other particles. Save the blank for use when no ExpressCard is installed in the
slot; blanks from other computers may not fit your computer.
To remove the blank, see "Removing an ExpressCard or Blank" on page73.

Installing an ExpressCard

You can install an ExpressCard in the computer while the computer is running. The computer
automatically detects the card.
ExpressCards are generally marked with a symbol (such as a triangle or an arrow) or a label to
indicate which end to insert into the slot. The cards are keyed to prevent incorrect insertion. If card
orientation is not clear, see the documentation that came with the card. Page 71 Monday, February 6, 2006 2:24 PM