JVC CA-MXDVA9 Appendix A-Maintenance, Handling discs, Handling cassette tapes, Cleaning the unit

Models: CA-MXDVA9

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Appendix A—Maintenance

Appendix A—Maintenance

To get the best performance of the unit, keep your discs, tapes, and mechanism clean.

Handling discs

• Remove the disc from its case by holding it at the edge while pressing the center hole lightly.

• Do not touch the shiny surface of the disc, or bend the disc.

Put the disc back in its case after use to prevent warping.

• Be careful not to scratch the surface of the disc when placing it back in its case.

• Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, temperature extremes, and moisture.

To clean the disc

Wipe the disc with a soft cloth in a straight line from center to edge.

DO NOT use any solvent—such as conventional record cleaner, spray, thinner, or benzine—to clean the disc.

Handling cassette tapes

• If the tape is loose in its cassette, take

up the slack by inserting a pencil in one of the reels and rotating.

If the tape is loose, it may get stretched, cut, or caught in the cassette.

• Be careful not to touch the tape surface.

Avoid the following places to store the tape:

— In dusty places

— In direct sunlight or heat

In moist areas

Near a magnet

Cleaning the unit

Stains on the unit

Should be wiped off with a soft cloth. If the unit is heavily stained, wipe it with a cloth soaked in water diluted neutral detergent and wrung well, then wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Since the unit may deteriorate in quality, become damaged or get its paint peeled off, be careful about the followings.

DO NOT wipe it with a hard cloth.

DO NOT wipe it strong.

DO NOT wipe it with thinner or benzine.

DO NOT apply any volatile substance such as insecticides to it.

DO NOT allow any rubber or plastic to remain in contact with it for a long time.

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JVC CA-MXDVA9 manual Appendix A-Maintenance, Handling discs, Handling cassette tapes, Cleaning the unit, To clean the disc