KFP600/KFPM650 Food Processor Features
KitchenAid quality means this food
processor was built and tested to meet
high KitchenAid standards for optimum
performance and long, trouble-free life.
Food Pusher features easy to read
measurement markings.
Work Bowl Cover and Feed Tube
are easy to assemble and clean.
Work Bowl features a smooth design
for easy assembly and cleaning, and
11 cup capacity.
Mini Bowl and Mini Blade are
perfect for small chopping and mixing
jobs without soiling the large work bowl.
The mini blade is made of the same
high quality stainless steel as the
multipurpose blade.
Reversible Slicing/Shredding Disc
is a precision sharp slicing
blade on one side and when
turned over can shred most
firm fruits, vegetables and
cheeses into even uniform
shreds. The shaft is removable for easy
Medium (4 mm) Shredding Disc
features larger shredding
openings to coarsely shred
firm fruits, vegetables, and
Medium (4 mm) Slicing Disc
gives you thicker, more
substantial slices of most
anything from delicate
strawberries to partially
frozen meat for stir-fry.
Stainless Steel Multipurpose Blade
is the work horse blade used most often.
It chops, minces, blends, mixes and
emulsifies in a matter of seconds.
Dough Blade is specially designed for
mixing and kneading yeast doughs.
Optional Egg Whip is designed to
whip cream and egg whites for
meringues, mousses, souffles and
desserts. Standard with KFPM650.
Heavy Duty Power Base with
Clean TouchON/OFF/PULSE control
pads and Electronic Processing Sensor
to give you consistent speed every time.
The smooth rounded base is easy-to-
clean and features built-in cord storage.