The Egg Whip is designed to whip egg
whites or heavy cream for use as
toppings or meringues. For best results,
at least 1 cup of heavy cream or 3 egg
whites should be whipped at a time.
Whipping smaller quantities may not
result in maximum volume.
To Assemble Egg Whip:
1. Place Egg Whip stem on motor base
2. Fit the whip paddle on the stem and
push down to engage the ridges of the
stem with the gears of the paddle.
3. Fit cap over stem and push down to
lock in place.
4. Place the work bowl cover on the
work bowl with the feed tube just to
the left of the handle. Be sure the
center pin on whip fits into center
opening of cover. Grasp the feed tube
and turn to the right to engage the
interlock. The Egg Whip is now
ready to operate.
5. Press ON control pad and whip
product to desired texture and
To Disassemble:
1. Unplug power base from electrical
outlet. Remove work bowl cover by
turning to the left.
2. Lift whip assembly straight up and
off. Remove whipped product from
work bowl.
3. Remove cap from whip assembly by
pulling straight up. Push down on
stem pin to remove stem from whip
Egg Whip (Professional Model KFPM650 Only)