Battery changing time

When the battery is exhausted,()will be displayed in the remote controller display. When the icon appears, change the batteries. The remote controller requires two 1.5V AAA type batteries.

Storing the remote controller

When you do not use the remote controller for a long time, remove the batteries from the remote controller and store it in the remote controller holder.

Inserting the batteries

1. Open the battery cover.

ffPush the () part in the direction of the arrow and lift up the cover.

2. Insert the batteries.

ffCheck and match the (+), (-) signs and insert them in correct position.

3. Close the battery cover.

ffMatch the cover and bottom part of the remote controller and press it until you hear click sound.

• Make sure that water is not allowed to enter the remote controller.





• There is a possibility that the air conditioner will not operate by remote controller near strong light such as a








fluorescent lamp or neon sign. In this case, use the remote controller in front of the remote controller receiver




of the indoor unit.

• If other electrical products are operated by the remote controller, call your nearest service center.




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