Preparing the installation

Selecting appropriate location for installation

Decide the installation location based on the following condition and obtain the user’s approval.

ffAvoid a place that may disturb your neighbor. Noise may occur from the outdoor unit and the discharged air may run into the neighborhood. (Be careful of the operation time in a residential area)

ffInstall the outdoor unit on a hard and even area that can support its weight. ffChoose a flat place that rainwater does not settle or leak.

ffChoose a place avoiding strong winds.

ffMaintain sufficient space for repairs and service.

ffChoose a place where you can easily connect the pipes and cables to the indoor unit.

ffMake sure that the condensed water dripping from the drain hose runs out properly and safely.

ffWhen installing the outdoor unit near seashore, make sure it is not directly exposed to sea breeze. If you can not find a adequate place without direct see breeze, protection wall should be constructed.

ffInstall the outdoor unit in a place (such as near buildings etc.) where it can be prevented from sea breeze which can damage the outdoor unit.


Outdoor unit

Outdoor unit



Sea breeze


Sea breeze




fIfyou cannot avoid installing the outdoor unit by the seashore, construct a protection wall around to block the sea breeze.


Protection wall




Outdoor unit

• Protection wall should be constructed with a solid material such as



Sea breeze







concrete to block the sea breeze and the height and the width of the









wall should be 1.5 times larger than the size of the outdoor unit. Also,










secure over 700 mm between the protection wall and the outdoor



















unit for exhausted air to ventilate.

ffInstall the outdoor unit in a place where water can drain smoothly.

❋❋If you cannot find a place satisfying above conditions, please contact manufacturer. Make sure to clean the sea water and the dust on the outdoor unit heat exchanger and spread corrosion inhibitor on heat exchanger. (At least one time per one year.)

ffChoose a place where there is no direct sunlight.

ffChoose a place where it could not come into contact with snow and rain. ffChoose a place where flammable gas does not leak.

ffChoose a place where the indoor and outdoor unit can be connected with a pipe.



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