Refer to the following chart if the air conditioner operates abnormally. This may save time and unnecessary expenses.








































The air conditioner does not operate

• Because of the protective mechanism, the appliance does not start operating

immediately after it has been

immediately to keep the unit from overloading. The air conditioner will start in 3



The air conditioner does not work

• Check if the circuit breaker is switched off.

at all.

• Check if there is a power failure.


• Check your fuse. Make sure it is not blown out.

The temperature does not change.

• Check if you selected Fan mode. Press the Mode button on the remote controller to


select another mode.

The cool(warm) air does not come

• Check if the set temperature is higher (lower) than the current temperature. Press the

out of the air conditioner.

Temp + or - button on the remote controller to change the set temperature. Press the


Temp + or - button to increase or decrease the temperature.


• Check if the air filter is blocked by dirt. Clean the Air filter every two weeks.


• If the air conditioner has just been turned on or the indoor temperature reaches


the desired temperature, only fan will operate around 3 minutes for the product


protection. Also, just after you start the heating operation, warm air will come out after


for a while to avoid cold air from coming out.

The fan speed does not change.

• Check if you selected Auto or Dry mode. The air conditioner automatically adjusts the


fan speed to Auto in Auto/Dry mode.

Timer function does not set.

• Check if you press the Set button on the remote controller after you have set the time.



























Odors permeate in the room during

• Check if the appliance is running in a smoky area or if there is a smell entering from


outside. Operate the air conditioner in Fan mode or open the windows to air out the



The air conditioner makes a bubbling

• A bubbling sound may be heard when the refrigerant is circulating through the


compressor. Let the air conditioner operate in a selected mode.

Water is dripping from the air flow

• Check if the air conditioner has been cooling for an extended period of time with the


air flow blades pointed downwards. Condensation may generate due to the difference


in temperature.

Remote controller is not working.

• Check if your batteries are depleted.


• Make sure batteries are correctly installed.


• Make sure nothing is blocking your remote control sensor.


• Check that there are strong lighting apparatus near the air conditioner. Strong light


which comes from fluorescent bulbs or neon signs may interrupt the electric waves.

Smoke is generated from the

• It may not be a fire but it can be a steam generated by the defrost operation from

outdoor unit.

outdoor heat exchanger during Heat mode in winter.

Error is indicated.

• Contact the service center when the following errors are indicated.






































































































































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