Basic operation

Basic operation is an operation mode that can be selected by pressing the Mode button.


In Auto mode, the air conditioner will automatically set the Operation(Cool/Heat Mode) and fan speed depending on the room temperature detected by the room temperature sensor. (Heat mode is applicable to AP55M1, AF55GP1Mmodel only.)


Cool mode is frequently used and you can freely control the temperature, fan speed, and air flow direction in cool mode.


The air conditioner in Dry mode acts like a dehumidifier by removing moisture from the indoor air. The Dry mode will provide you with fresh air even on a rainy day.

ffOutdoor unit will repeatedly and automatically turn on/off for maximum dehumidification according to the temperature difference of the current and desired temperature.


Fan mode can be selected to ventilate your room. Fan mode will be helpful to refresh the stale air in your room.

fIfyou are not going to use the air conditioner for a while, we recommend to operate the Fan mode for 3~4 hours to dry the internal part of the air conditioner..

Heat (Applicable model: AP55M1, AF55GP1M)

In Heat mode, the indoor temperature, fan speed, and air flow direction can be adjusted at your desire to warm your indoor.

ffIndoor unit may not start the operation immediately until indoor heat exchanger is warmed up to a certain temperature (approximately 5 minutes according to current indoor temperature) to prevent generating a cold breeze.

ffDefrost display: When removing frost at the outdoor unit in the Heat mode, (Defrost) icon will be displayed on the indoor unit display and it will be turned off after removing the frost.

(When removing the frost during the defrost operation in Heat mode, steam may be generated and the warm breeze may not come out from the indoor unit.)

• When the outdoor temperature is low and humidity is high, frost may form on outdoor unit's heat exchanger


and may decrease the heating performance so the Defrost operation will operate for 5 ~ 12 minutes to get rid of

the frost on the outdoor unit heat exchanger. Indoor unit will be off during Defrost operation is on since cold air



may come out from it.


-- Intervals between Defrost operation cycle may vary depending on the amount of frost on the outdoor unit.


-- In snowy or rainy days, Defrost operation cycle may be shorter due to humidity.


-- You cannot control the air conditioner with the remote controller while Defrost operation is on. Try to control


the air conditioner after Defrost operation is complete.



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