User manual

Safety precautions

Before using your new air conditioner, please read this manual thoroughly to ensure that you know how to safely and efficiently operate the extensive features and functions of your new appliance.

Because the following operating instructions cover various models, the characteristics of your air conditioner may differ slightly from those described in this manual. If you have any questions, call your nearest contact center or find help and information online at

Important safety symbols and precautions:


Risk of death or serious personal injury.



Potential risk of personal injury or material damage.


To reduce the risk of fire, explosion, electric shock, or personal injury when using your air CAUTION conditioner, follow these basic safety instructions:

Do NOT attempt.

Do NOT disassemble.

Do NOT touch.

Follow directions carefully.

Unplug the power plug from the wall socket.

Make sure the machine is grounded to prevent electric shock.

Call the contact center for help.

These warning signs are here to prevent injury to you and others.

Please follow them carefully.

After reading this section, keep it in a safe place for future reference.




Do not place the air conditioner near hazardous substances or equipment that releases free flames to avoid fire, explosions or injuries.

ffPotential risk of fire hazard or explosion.

Do not install the outdoor unit at an unstable place or elevated surface where there is potential risk of falling.

fIfthe outdoor unit falls, it may cause personal injury or loss of property.

Failure or damage may occur if any changes or modification that is not stated in the manual was performed. In this case, user will be responsible for the repair expenses.

Install the air conditioner away from direct exposure to sunlight, heating apparatus, and humid places.

ffHang curtains on windows to boost cooling efficiency and to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Do not yank the power cable with hands.

ffPotential risk of fire or electric shock.


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