Cleaning and maintaining the air conditioner

Make sure to turn off the circuit breaker when cleaning the air conditioner.


Cleaning the exterior

1. Wipe the surface of the unit with a slightly wet or dry cloth when needed.

Do not use Benzene, Thinner or CloroxTM. They may damage the surface of the air conditioner and can CAUTION create a risk of fire.

Cleaning the filter

Air filter

Washable air filter captures large particles from the air.

The filter can be cleaned with a vacuum or by hand washing.

1.Open the panel and pull out the air filter after removing the tape that holds the air filter. Pull out the air filter in the direction of the arrow as shown in the below figure.

Air Filter


2.Clean the air filter with a vacuum cleaner or in running water.

If dust is too heavy, use warm water mixed with detergent. Do not scrub the filter too hard since it may get damaged.

3.Dry the air filter in a ventilated area.

Do not dry the air filter in a place with direct sunlight.

4. Insert the air filter back in its original position. Make sure it is firmly fixed.

Clean the air filter every two weeks. Cleaning term may differ depending on usage and environmental conditions.




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