Safety precautions

Carefully follow the precautions listed as below because they are essential to guarantee the safety of SAMSUNG product.

• Always disconnect the air conditioner from the power supply before servicing it or


accessing its internal components.

Verify that installation and testing operations are performed by qualified personnel.

Verify that the air conditioner is not installed in an easily accessible area.



General information

ffCarefully read the content of this manual before installing the air conditioner and store the manual in a safe place in order to be able to use it as reference after installation.

ffFor maximum safety, installers should always carefully read the following warnings.

ffStore the manual in a safe location and remember to hand it over to the new owner if the air conditioner is sold or transferred.

ffThis manual explains how to install an indoor unit with a split system with two SAMSUNG units. The use of other types of units with different control systems may damage the units and invalidate the warranty. The manufacturer shall not be responsible for damages arising from the use of non compliant units.

ffThe manufacturer shall not be responsible for damage originating from unauthorized changes or the improper connection of electric and hydraulic lines. Failure to comply with these instructions or to comply with the requirements set forth in the“Operating limits” table, included in the manual, shall immediately invalidate the warranty.

ffThe air conditioner should be used only for the applications for which it has been designed: the indoor unit is not suitable to be installed in areas used for laundry.

ffDo not use the units if damaged. If problems occur, switch the unit off and disconnect it from the power supply.

ffIn order to prevent electric shocks, fires or injuries, always stop the unit, disable the protection switch and contact SAMSUNG’s technical support if the unit produces smoke, if the power cable is hot or damaged or if the unit is very noisy.

ffAlways remember to inspect the unit, electric connections, refrigerant tubes and protections regularly. These operations should be performed by qualified personnel only.

ffThe unit contains moving parts, which should always be kept out of the reach of children.

ffDo not attempt to repair, move, alter or reinstall the unit. If performed by unauthorized personnel, these operations may cause electric shocks or fires.

ffDo not place containers with liquids or other objects on the unit.

ffAll the materials used for the manufacture and packaging of the air conditioner are recyclable.

ffThe packing material and exhaust batteries of the remote controller(optional) must be disposed of in accordance with current laws.

ffThe air conditioner contains a refrigerant that has to be disposed of as special waste. At the end of its life cycle, the air conditioner must be disposed of in authorized centers or returned to the retailer so that it can be disposed of correctly and safely.

Installing the unit

IMPORTANT : When installing the unit, always remember to connect first the refrigerant tubes, then the electrical lines. Always disassemble the electric lines before the refrigerant tubes.

ffUpon receipt, inspect the product to verify that it has not been damaged during transport. If the product appears damaged, DO NOT INSTALL it and immediately report the damage to the carrier or retailer (if the installer or the authorized technician has collected the material from the retailer).

ffAfter completing the installation, always carry out a functional test and provide the instructions on how to operate the air conditioner to the user.

ffDo not use the air conditioner in environments with hazardous substances or close to equipment that release free flames to avoid the occurrence of fires, explosions or injuries.




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