Safety precautions



Always make sure that the power supply is compliant with current safety standards. Always install the air conditioner in compliance with current local safety standards.

Verify that the voltage and frequency of the power supply comply with the specifications and that the installed power is sufficient to ensure the operation of any other domestic appliance connected to the same electric lines.

Use a rated circuit breaker only.

ffNever use steel wires or copper wires as a circuit breaker. It may cause fire or unit malfunctions.

Do not put undue stress or place heavy object on the power cable.

Do not bend the power cable excessively.

ffPotential risk of fire or electric shock.

To protect the product from water and possible shock, you should keep the power cable and the connection cord of the indoor and outdoor units in the protection tube.

Disconnect the air conditioner from power supply before it is repaired or disassembled. Clean the air conditioner after the inner fan stops operating.

ffPotential risk of injury or electric shock.

Use a receptacle that has a ground terminal. The receptacle must be used exclusively for the air conditioner.

ffImproper electrical grounding may cause electric shock or fire.

Be sure to ground the unit. Do not connect the ground wire to gas or water pipes, lighting rods, or telephone grounding lines.

fIfthe unit is not properly grounded, electric shock may result.

If you smell burning plastic, hear strange sounds, or see smoke coming from the unit, unplug the air conditioner immediately and call a contact center.

ffPotential risk of fire or electric shock.


Do not block or place items in front of the air conditioner. Do not step, hang onto, or place heavy items on the air conditioner.

ffPotential risk of personal injury.

If failure or damage occurs on the conditions of improper use not followed by the manual, there will be an extra labor charge for installing and construction.

ffPotential risk of malfunction, electric shock or fire if repairs or installations are attempted by a non-qualified service technician.

Do not spray flammable gases such as insecticide near the air conditioner. ffPotential risk of electric shock, fire or unit malfunction.

Do not open the front panel during operation.

ffPotential risk of electric shock or unit malfunction.

Cool air should not flow directly towards people, pets, and plants. ffIt is harmful to your health, pets, and plants.

Do not drink drain water coming out of the air conditioner. ffPotential risk of health hazard.


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