Using the Turbo function

You can set the Turbo function to provide fast and powerful cooling (heating).

When the air conditioner is operating in Cool or Heat mode;

1. Press the Turbo button.

-- (Turbo) will be displayed and the function will operate for 30 minutes.

Cancel ffPress the Turbo Button.




• Turbo function is only available in Auto/Cool/Heat mode* and the air





conditioner will return to its previous operation mode after operating




for 30 minutes in this function. (Heat mode is applicable for: AP55M1,








• Air flow direction can be adjusted.




• Temperature and fan speed cannot be adjusted.




• If you select the Turbo function while Long/Single user function is on,




corresponding function will be cancelled.




• You can also turn on/off the Turbo function with the Options button.





Press the Options button.





Press the <, > or Options button until (Turbo) indicator starts to blink.





Press the SET button to set the Turbo function.

Remote controller display

Using the Long function

Long function will be helpful when you want the cool air to go to much further place.

1. Press the Options button.

2. Press the < , > or Options button until (Long) indicator starts to blink.

3. Press the SET button to set the Long function.

-- (Long) will blink first, then remain on the display as (Long) and the function will begin.

Cancel ffPress the Options button and then <, > or Options button to make the (Long) indicator blink and press the SET button.

• You cannot select the Long function and the Turbo function simultaneously. NOTE • You can only adjust horizontal (left and right) air swing.

• You cannot adjust the fan speed.

• You cannot set the Long function while operating in Dry/Fan mode.

Remote controller display




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