Never use a damaged or dusted power cable, or loosened power receptacle. ffPotential risk of fire or electric shock.

Install an exclusive circuit breaker and short-circuit breaker for the air conditioner. ffPotential risk of electric shock or fire.

Do not insert anything such as fingers or branches into the air conditioner vents while the air conditioner is running.

ffKeep the children away from the air conditioner to prevent them from putting their finger on the air conditioner. Potential risk of personal injury.

Ensure no water gets into the air conditioner. ffPotential risk or electric shock.

fIfthe water gets into the air conditioner, stop and unplug the power source immediately.

Turn off the air conditioner using the provided remote controller or control accessory (if provided). Do not unplug to turn off the unit (unless there is an immediate danger).

Do not run the air conditioner for an extended period of time in a room with the door closed or with babies, elderly or disabled people.

ffOpen the door or windows to ventilate your room at least once an hour to prevent oxygen shortage.

The air conditioner is composed of moving parts. Keep children away from the unit to avoid physical injury.

Make sure that children take precautions against access to the air conditioner and they do not play with the unit.

Do not clean the interior of air conditioner on your own.

ffYou may damage the parts which can cause electric shock or fire. ffConsult contact center for cleaning the interior of the air conditioner.

Do not connect the air conditioner with heating apparatus or attempt to disassemble, remodel or repair it by yourself.

ffPotential risk of malfunction, electric shock or fire. If repairs are needed, consult the contact center.

Consult the place of purchase or contact center to install the air conditioner.

ffImproper installation carries a risk of unit malfunction, water leakage, electric shock or fire.

fIfinstalling in specialty areas, such as a factory complex or saline coastal area, consult the place of purchase or contact center for specific installation details.

ffThe units must be installed according to distances declared, in order to permit accessibility from each side, either

to guarantee correct operation of maintenance or repairing products. The unit’s parts must be reachable and removable completely under safety condition (for people or things).

Consult a dealer regarding the appropriate measures to prevent the allowable concentration from being exceeded.

fIfthe refrigerant leaks, and cause the concentration limit to be exceeded, hazards due to lack of oxygen in the room may result.

If the indoor unit gets wet, turn the power off immediately and call your nearest contact center.

ffPotential risk of fire or electric shock.




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