persistent storage management

Persistent Storage (External USB fl ash memory) is a memory for storing Blu-ray Disc content.

Persistent Storage is where for storing additional content such as trailers and other special features downloaded from BD-LIVE service or Blu-ray Discs.


You can manage user data stored in persistent storage.

1.With the unit in Stop mode/No Disc mode, press the MEnU button.

2.Press the ▲▼ buttons to select Setup, then press the OK or + button.

3.Press the ▲▼ buttons to select System Setup, then press the OK or + button.

. Press the ▲▼ buttons to select Persistent Storage Management, then press the OK or + button.

- To delete a Content directory -

Use the ▲▼ button to select a directory to delete and press the yELLOW (C) button.

Description of Device(Storage) information on the Player

Total Size : Total size of the Device(Storage).

Available Size : Available size of the Device(Storage).





Clock Set





Power On/Off sound : On




System Setup

Persistent Storage Management



no Disc








Language Setup

System Update







audio Setup







Display Setup







HDMi Setup







network Setup







Parental Setup











Persistent Storage Management




internal Flash Memory

Select Device

• Total Size 130(MB)

• available Size 130(MB)

c Format

r Setup


M ￿ Memory size information on the current device(storage) is located to the right of the PSM menu.

￿In the external memory mode, disc playback will be stopped if you disconnect the USB device in the middle of the playback.

￿It is recommended to use an USB device that supports USB 2.0 protocols, FAT32 format and 4MB or more read / write speed.

￿Resume Play function may not work after changing something in Persistent Storage Management.

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