Optional Accessories

Accessories from FUJIFILM

As of August 2008, the following optional accessories were available from FUJIFILM. For the latest information on the accessories available in your region, check with your local FUJIFILM representative or visit http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/index.html.

FUJIFILM HD-S2 HDTV connection kit: Contains a remote control and an HD cable for connecting the camera to High Defi nition (HD) devices.

AC-5VX AC adapter (requires CP-04 DC coupler): Use for extended playback or when copying pictures to a computer (shape of adapter and plug vary with region of sale).

CP-04 DC coupler: Connect the AC-5VX AC adapter to the camera.

Using the CP-04 DC coupler

1. Load the DC coupler.

Check that the camera is turned off before opening the battery cover. Open the battery cover and load the DC coupler as illustrated. Check that the DC coupler is fi rmly held in place.

2. Close the battery cover.

Pass the DC coupler cable through its respective hole (A). Close the battery cover.

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