Shooting Mode


Each time the shutter button is pressed, the camera takes three pictures: one at the current zoom ratio with an image quality of 0, a second zoomed in 1.4 × and cropped to 2, and a third zoomed in 2 × and cropped to 4. Two frames are displayed to show the areas that will be included in the second and third pictures; the outer frame shows the area that will be recorded at 1.4 × zoom, the inner frame the area that will be recorded at 2 × zoom. Press the selector down to choose from wide and tall crops.


2Intelligent Face Detection

If Intelligent Face Detection is



N 9




on, the crops will be centered



on the selected face.








• Digital zoom can not be used. If digital zoom is active


when zoom bracketing mode is selected, zoom will


be set to the maximum optical zoom position.




LDUAL IS MODE turns on automatically.



• Burst shooting options are limited to pand OFF.








No pictures will be taken if memory is insufficient to record three images.