Battery casing

Inserting the Batteries

The camera takes four AA alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. A set of four alkaline batteries is supplied with the camera. Insert the batteries in the camera as described below.

1Open the battery-chamber cover.

Slide the battery-chamber latch in the direction shown and open the battery -chamber cover.


Be sure the camera is off be-

fore opening the battery-chamber cover.


Do not open the battery-chamber cover when the camera is on. Failure to observe this pre- caution could result in damage to image fi les or memory cards.

Do not use excessive force when handling the battery-chamber cover.

2Insert the batteries.

Insert the batteries in the orientation shown by the “+“ and “–“ marks inside the battery chamber.


• Insert the batteries in the correct orientation.

Never use batteries with peeling or damaged casing or mix old and new batteries, batteries with different charge levels,

or batteries of different types. Failure to observe these precautions could result in the batteries leaking or overheating.

Never use manganese or Ni-Cd batteries.

The capacity of alkaline batteries varies with the manufacturer and drops at temperatures below 10 °C/32 °F; Ni-MH batteries are recommended.

Fingerprints and other soil on the battery termi- nals can shorten battery life.