Viewing Pictures on TV

Connect the camera to a TV and tune the television to the video channel to show pictures to a group. The supplied A/V cable and the HD cable in the optional FUJIFILM HD-S2 HDTV connection kit connect as shown below. Turn the camera off before connecting either cable.

A/V cable

Connect yellow plug to video-in jack







































































Insert into A/V cable










Connect white plug















Standard TV

to audio-in jack








High Definition (HD) cable (sold separately)

Insert red, blue, and green video connectors into matching Pr, Pb, and Y jacks

Insert into HD cable connector

Insert red and white audio connectors

High Defi nition

into matching R and L audio jacks


The HDTV Kit for FUJIFILM Digital Cameras (Sold Separately)

The HDTV kit for FUJIFILM digital cameras contains an HD cable for connecting the camera to High Defi nition (HD) video devices and a remote control. The remote control can be used to control the camera during playback or as a remote shutter release.