Taking Pictures in A(Auto) Mode

hSilent Mode

In situations in which camera sounds or lights may be unwelcome, press the DISP/BACK button until his displayed (note that silent mode is not available during movie or voice memo playback).


N 9


ISO AUTO (800)

The camera speaker and AF-assist illuminator/self- timer lamp turn off and volume (pg. 104) can not be adjusted. To restore normal operation, press the DISP/ BACK button until the hicon is no longer displayed.

The Indicator Lamp

Indicator lamp

The indicator lamp shows camera status as follows:

Indicator lamp

Camera status

Glows green

Focus locked.

Blinks green

Blur, focus, or exposure warning. Pic-


ture can be taken.

Blinks green

Recording pictures. Additional pic-

and orange

tures can be taken.


Recording pictures. No additional pic-


tures can be taken at this time.

Blinks orange

Flash charging; fl ash will not fi re when


picture is taken.


Lens or memory error (internal memory

Blinks red

or memory card full or not formatted,


format error, or other memory error).



2Tip: Warnings

Detailed warnings appear in the display. See pages 118–121 for more information.