lUsing the Flash (Intelligent Flash)


Press the shutter button halfway to focus. If the flash will fire, pwill be displayed when the shutter button is pressed halfway. At slow shutter speeds, k will appear in the display to warn that pictures may be blurred; use of a tripod is recommended.


Press the shutter button the rest of the way down to shoot.


The fl ash may fi re several times with each shot. Do not move the camera until shooting is com- plete.

Red-Eye Removal

When gFACE DETECTION hREMOVAL ON is selected for Intelligent Face Detection (pg. 22), red-eye removal (h) is available in AUTO (i), fi ll fl ash (j), and slow sync (k) modes. Red-eye removal minimizes red-eye caused when light from the fl ash is refl ected from the subject’s retinas as shown in the illustration at right.

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