pBurst Mode (Continuous Shooting)


Press the shutter button halfway to focus.


Pictures will be taken while the shutter button is pressed. Shooting ends when the shutter button is released, memory is full, or the selected number of shots has been taken.


In all burst modes except n, focus and exposure are determined by the fi rst frame in each series. The fl ash turns off automatically (pg. 28); the previously-selected fl ash mode is restored when burst shooting is turned off.

Frame rate varies with shutter speed.

If the self-timer is used when nis selected, only one picture will be taken when the shutter button is pressed.

At a setting of l, white lines may appear in bright areas of the image; these can be avoided by choosing m mode.

• The number of pictures that can be recorded depends on the memory available. Brack- STORING eting is only available if there is sufficient memory for three pictures. In all burst modes except n, additional time may be required to record pictures when shooting ends. The pictures are displayed in the monitor while recording is in progress.

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