dExposure Compensation

Use exposure compensation when photographing very bright, very dark, or high-contrast subjects in P, S, C, or SP (X) modes.

1Press the dbutton.

The exposure indicator will be displayed.


N 9


ISO AUTO (800)

Exposure indicator

SET 250 F3.5

2Choose a value.

Press the selector left or right. The effect is visible in the display.

3Return to shooting mode.

Press the d button to return to shooting mode.

4Take pictures.


Adicon and exposure indicator are displayed at set- tings other than ±0. Exposure compensation is not reset when the camera is turned off; to restore normal exposure control, choose a value of ±0. Exposure com- pensation is disabled if the fl ash fi res when set to AUTO or i (auto with red-eye reduction); when the fl ash is set to lor j, exposure compensation is disabled if the subject is dark.

Choose negative values

Choose positive values to

to reduce exposure

increase exposure

(“–” sign turns yellow)

(“+” sign turns yellow)