cInstant Zoom (Zoom Framing)

In modes other than Band SP (X), zoom framing offers a quick way to compose pictures.

Optical Zoom

1 Position the subject in the focus frame. Use the zoom control to frame the subject in the center of the display.







N 9









ISO AUTO (800)










2Choose a frame.

Press the selector down

(c) to cycle through framing options as shown below.

1.4 × zoom




2 × zoom














































No zoom

The frame is displayed AUTO as shown at right. The composition can be adjusted using the zoom control.

3Focus and shoot.

The framed area will be enlarged to create a full-sized picture.

2Intelligent Face Detection

Intelligent Face Detection will not detect faces outside the selected frame.


Only wide (landscape-orientation) framing is available when por nis selected for burst mode. When l or mis selected, the maximum number of shots that can be taken in a single burst is 33 for wide framing, 26 for tall framing.

2 × zoom

1.4 × zoom