Installing an anti-theft lock


An anti-theft lock is a physical device that can be used to protect the TV against theft. Look for the


lock slot on the back of the TV. The slot has a icon next to it. To use the lock, wrap the lock cable


around an object that is too heavy to carry and then thread it through the TV's lock slot. The lock is


sold separately.


The method of using an anti-theft lock may differ for each TV model. Refer to the lock's user manual


for more information.


This function is not available on certain models in specific geographical areas.

Read before setting up a wireless Internet connection

Precautions for wireless Internet

●● This TV supports the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac communication protocols. Samsung recommends using

IEEE 802.11n. Video files stored on a device connected to the TV via Home Network may not play back smoothly.

"" IEEE 802.11 ac communication protocol is not available on certain models.


To use wireless Internet, the TV must be connected to a wireless router or modem. If the wireless


router supports DHCP, the TV can use a DHCP or static IP address to connect to the wireless network.


Select a channel that is not currently in use for the wireless router. If the channel set for the


wireless router is currently being used by another device, the result is usually interference and/or a


communications failure.


Most wireless networks have an optional security system. To enable a wireless network's security


system, you need to create a password using characters and numbers. This password is then needed


to connect to a security-enabled AP.