Managing purchased or installed apps

On My Apps screen, move the focus to the desired app and then press and hold the Select button. Also, select My Apps Options to manage installed apps.

Adding to Home Screen

1.Select My Apps Options Add to Home.

2.Select an app to add. The selected app is added in Home Screen.

Moving apps

1.Select My Apps Options Move.

2.Select an app to move.

3.Move the app to the desired direction.

4.Press the Select button.

5.Select Done. Then the movement is finished.

"" This function is not available on certain models in specific geographical areas.

Removing an app

1.Select My Apps Options Delete.

2.Select an app to delete.

3.Select Delete. Then the selected app is deleted.

"" Ensure that the related app data is also removed when you remove an app.

Updating apps

1.Select My Apps Options Update.

2.Select an app to update.

3.Press the Select button. Then the app is updated.

"" This function is only available when My Apps contains an app that needs updating.