I Can't Hear the Sound Clearly

When the TV has difficulties with sound, these steps may help resolve the problem.

Testing the soundSettings Support Self Diagnosis Start Sound Test

If the TV plays the Start Sound Test melody without distortion, there may be a problem with an external device or the broadcast signal's strength.

The problem



Try this!

There is no sound or

Check the volume control of the device (cable or satellite box, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.)

the sound is too low at

connected to your TV.


maximum volume.










Settings Sound Select Speaker to TV Speaker.


If you are using an external device, check the device’s audio output option. (For


example, you may need to change your cable box’s audio option to HDMI if the box

The picture is good but

connected to your TV is using an HDMI cable.)

To listen to the computer sound, connect the external speaker to the computer’s

there is no sound.

audio output connector.





If your TV has a headphone jack, make sure there is nothing plugged into it.


Reboot the connected device by disconnecting and then reconnecting the device’s


power cable.





Make sure that the audio cable is connected to the correct audio output connector


on the external device.


The speakers are making

For aerial or cable connections, check the signal information. A low signal level

an odd sound.

may cause sound distortions.



Run Start Sound Test (

Settings Support Self Diagnosis Start Sound