Configuring advanced system settings

Settings System Expert Settings

Changing the menu language

Settings System Expert Settings Language

Setting up a password

Settings System Expert Settings Change PIN

The PIN input window appears. Enter a PIN. Enter it again to confirm it. The default PIN is 0000.

"" If you forget your PIN, you can reset it with your remote control. With the TV turned on, press the following buttons on the remote control to reset the PIN to 0000: VOL → Volume Up → → Volume Down → → Volume Up → . On the standard remote control: (Volume Up) → RETURN (Volume Down) → RETURN (Volume Up) → RETURN.

Checking Notifications

Settings System Expert Settings View Notifications

You can view the list of event messages generated by the TV. View Notifications appear on the screen when events such as an update release for an app or Samsung Account login/logout occurs.

"" To delete all notifications, select Delete All.

"" To check the SMART TV's service notifications in a WEB BROWSER, select Service Notice.