Locking and unlocking apps

1.Select My Apps Options Lock/Unlock.

2.Select an app to lock or unlock.

3.Select Done. Then the selected game is locked or unlocked.

Automatically updating apps

The installed apps can be automatically updated. If you do not want automatic update, set My Apps Options Auto Update to Off.

Rating apps

You can rate each app in the detailed information screen.

Rating purchased apps

You can set the star score by using the left or right directional button on the detailed information screen.

Using other app features and functions

Settings Broadcasting Expert Settings Channel-Bound Apps

Through an app that handles broadcasting channels, you can receive programme information and use corresponding services.




This function is only available when an app supporting Channel-Bound Apps is installed on the TV.

Among the channels received through the antenna, this function is available only in the channels that support Channel-Bound Apps.

This function is only available in specific geographical areas.