Playing media content

1.Select a device with media content in Source. Then the media content list in the device appears.

2.Select a media content item from the list. Then the content is played.

"" For more information about buttons, refer to "Buttons and functions available while playing multimedia content".

"" The content may not be played depending on the encoding method or file format. Furthermore, several functions may be restricted.

"" The content may not be played smoothly due to the network communication problems. In this case, use a USB device.

"" When a USB device is connected to the USB port, a pop-up message appears for easy switch to the media content list on the device.

Functions on the media content list screen

You can use the following functions on the media content list screen of a storage device.

●● Filter By

Filters the media content to display the type of media you want.

●● Sort By

Sorts the content list.

●● Options

Deletes or plays the selected media content from the media content list.