Changing the picture size in 4:3 or Screen Fit mode

Settings Picture Picture Size 4:3 Screen Size

You can select a picture size suitable for your geographical area while you are watching TV in the 4:3 or Fit to screen mode. The supported screen sizes differ with the country and this function allows you to adjust the picture size in this case.

"" The 4:3 mode is not available when an external device is connected to the TV via a Component connector or an HDMI connector.

"" This function is not available on certain models in specific geographical areas.

Fitting the picture to the screen

Settings Picture Picture Size Fit to screen

"" The availability of this function depends on the Picture Size.

Adjusting the picture size and/or position

Settings Picture Picture Size Zoom/Position

"" The availability of this function depends on the Picture Size.

Using the Indian Cinema Mode

Settings Picture Special Viewing Mode Indian Cinema Mode

When you set Indian Cinema Mode to On, the TV provides an optimal picture and sound for popular content. You can also optimise your TV's picture size or position by Custom mode. To change a picture size or position, press the 4 directional buttons on the remote control.

"" This function is only available in specific geographical areas.

"" The actual name may differ with the geographical area.