●● Rotate left / Rotate right

Rotates the photo left or right direction.

●● Zoom

Zooms the photo in by up to a factor of 4.

●● Fit to Screen

Fits the photo to the screen.

●● Background Music

Play the background music while the TV displays photos with the background music.

●● Options

"" The available options may differ with the model and content.



Slideshow Speed

Sets the slideshow speed.



Slideshow Effect

Applies transition effects for the slide show.




Plays background music while the TV displays photos.

Background Music

"" The music files must be saved in the same USB device as the photo file.


"" To pause the background music, select Background Music on playback screen.




Displays detailed information about the current multimedia content.




Controls the subtitles of the video.


Subtitles: Turns the subtitles on or off.


Language: Sets the subtitle language.


Sync: Adjusts the synchronisation when the video and the subtitles are not synchronised.


Reset Sync: Resets the subtitle synchronisation adjustment to 0.


Size: Changes the font size for the subtitles.


Encoding: Changes the encoding language when the subtitles are displayed incorrectly.


Edge Type: Adjusts a position of texts and subtitles edge.


Edge Color: Changes a colour of subtitles edge.




Rotates the video.



Audio Language

This function is only available when the video supports multi-track sound.