Loading Pages from the Index Page

Select Index from the side of the screen to bring up the index screen. Select a keyword from the list to navigate to the relevant page.

Using the History to Load Previously Read Pages

Select Recent pages from the side of the screen. A list of previously read pages is shown. Select a page. The e-Manual jumps to the selected page.

Accessing the Menu from the e-Manual (Try Now)

Select (Try Now) on a feature-description to directly move to the corresponding menu and try out the feature. If you want to read an e-Manualentry on a specific screen menu feature, Press the E-MANUALbutton.

-- Certain menu options cannot be used.

Loading Reference Pages

Select (Link) from the side of a feature-description page to access the corresponding reference page.

Updating the e-Manual to the Latest Version

You can update the e-Manual in the same way as updating apps.

1.Select the e-Manualitem in the SAMSUNG APPS screen.

2.Press and hold the Enter button. The Options menu appears.

3.From the Options menu on the screen, select Update apps. A popup window appears. -- Update apps is shown on the screen only when an update is required.

4.Select e-Manualin the popup window and then select Update. You can update the e-Manualto the latest version.


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