Viewing more TV features

The e-Manualcontains more detailed information on the TV features. Refer to the embedded e-Manual(Support > e-Manual).

Launching the e-Manual

The embedded e-Manual contains information.

-- You can also download a copy of the e-Manual from Samsung's website, and read it on your computer or print it out.

-- Yellow words indicate a menu item; white bold words indicate remote control buttons. Arrows are used to indicate the menu path. (Example: Picture > Picture Mode)

1.Select e-Manual. The e-Manual loads.

2.Select a category from the side of the screen. Once a selection has been made, the contents of the selected category appear.

3.Select an item from the list. This opens the e-Manual on the corresponding page.

If a description doesn't fit on a single screen...

You can scroll pages in one of the following ways.

•• Position the focus on the page to display


on the screen. Press <, >button.

Additional e-Manual Features

Loading Pages using Keywords

Select Search from the side of the screen to bring up the search screen. Enter a search term and then select Done. Select an item from the search results to load the corresponding page.

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