The CLCI2000 Series Indexer is one of ANAHEIM AUTOMATION's Computer Indexer that generates clock and direction
signals for a step motor drivers. This Indexer allows the user to control speed, ramping, position, and I/O to perform
complex motion with step motors. The CLCI2000 Series can control from 1 to 4 axes, using only one computer slot found
in an IBM Compatible Computer. The Indexer was designed to produce pulse rates far above those offered by most
indexers. To run today's microstep drivers, faster pulse rates are needed. The 2.5MHz provided by this indexer will step
a 200 step/rev motor with a divisor of 256 at nearly 50 rps (or almost 3000 RPM). Since the Indexer is controlled by a
computer, very complex programs can be written to control the motion. This power is not available in other units.
The Computer Indexer contains up to 10 TTL inputs, and 10 Open Collector Outputs. It also has Limit Switch inputs
including ±Soft Limits, ±Home Limits, ±Hard Limits. Along with the inputs are Encoder Inputs, Channel A,B, and Z. The
1 and 2 axis boards bring out their signals on a 37 pin D-Sub connecter. The 3 and 4 axes units use 2, 37 pin D-Sub
connectors. A ribbon cable and mounting bracket is provided for the second connector.
step rates to 2,500,000 steps/second
1, 2, 3 or 4 axes of motion control
encoder feedback included for all 4 axes
Encoder Mark Pulse input for precision stopping
CW and CCW Soft, Home, and Hard limit inputs
TTL-CMOS compatible inputs
5 testable inputs per two axes
5 programmable outputs per two axes
uses true acceleration units of Steps/Sec*Sec
standard 37 pin D-SUB connection
uses one 8-bit computer slot
3rd & 4th axes includes cable and connector
independent or coordinated control of all 4 axes
use Anaheim Automation's QuickBASIC, VISUAL BASIC, C++ Libraries, or Windows DLL
not speed dependant on the computer
does not tie up the computers processor
use CLCI2000 software for easy control for non-programmers
up to 16,777,215 steps per index
breakout terminal block kit
independent or coordinated axis moves
1 CLCI2001 Computer Indexer
1 #6 x 1/4 screw
1 Users Manual for CLCI2000 Series 1 to 4 Axis Computer Indexers
1 CLCI2002 Computer Indexer
1 #6 x 1/4 screw
1 Users Manual for CLCI2000 Series 1 to 4 Axis Computer Indexers
1 CLCI2003 Computer Indexer