Unpacking Your Printer
1. Select a location for your printer.
lLeave enough room to open the printer tray, covers, doors, and options. It is also important to allow enough space around the printer for proper
lProvide the proper environment:
¡A firm, level surface
¡Away from the direct airflow of air conditioners, heaters, or ventilators
¡Away from sunlight, extreme humidity, or wide fluctuations in temperature
¡A clean, dry, and dust-free location
2. In addition to the Dell Laser Printer 1100, ensure that you have the following items in the box. If there is a missing item, contact Dell:
a. The appearance of the power cord may differ according to your country's specifications.
b. The Drivers and UtilitiesCDcontainstheDellprinterdriver,Dell™TonerManagementSystem,andanHTMLUser'sGuide.
3. Save the carton and packing material in case the printer needs to be repacked.
4. Remove the packing tape from the printer.
About Your Printer
These are the main components of your printer. The following illustrations show the standard Dell Laser Printer 1100:

Front View

NOTE: Leave the printer in the box until you are ready to set it up.
Starter Toner
Power Corda
Drivers and Utilities
Owner's Manual
NOTE: The power cord must be plugged into a grounded power socket.