remote control

Remote Control Buttons and Functions


Press to select a source connected to the Soundbar.


You can turn the volume down to 0 with the push of a button.

Press again to restore the sound to the previous volume level.


Press to set the REPEAT function during music playback from a

USB device.

REPEAT OFF : Cancels Repeat Playback.

REPEAT FILE : Repeatedly play a track.

REPEAT ALL : Repeatedly play all tracks.

REPEAT RANDOM : Plays tracks in random order.

(A track that has already been played may be played again.)

Skip Forward

If there is more than one file on the device you are playing, and you press the ]button, the next file is selected.


If the Soundbar is connected to a digital TV and the video appears out of sync with the audio, press the AUDIO SYNC buttons to sync the audio with the video. Use the [,]buttons to set the audio delay between 0 ms and 300 ms. In USB mode, TV mode, and BT mode, the Audio Sync function may not work.

You can also activate Wi-Fi SETUP function by pressing and holding AUDIO SYNC button on the remote for over 7 seconds.


DIMMER : Press the DIMMER/Anynet+ button to control the brightness of the VACUUM TUBE AMP. DIMMER does not function for 30 seconds after you turn on the product for the very first time. Anynet+ : Press and hold the DIMMER/Anynet+ button for more than 5 seconds to turn the Anynet+ function and AUTO POWER LINK function on or off. The Anynet+ function lets you control the Soundbar with the remote from an Anynet+ compatible Samsung TV. The Soundbar must be connected to the TV via an HDMI cable. See page 28 for details about AUTO POWER LINK.


Press to select Treble or Bass. Then, use the [,]button to adjust the Treble or Bass volume from -3 to +3.