Adding an Soundbar

++Adding an extra Soundbar to a HUB that is connected to an Soundbar

1.Press the SPK ADD button on the back of the HUB. (The Pairing indicator on the front of the HUB will blink.)

2.Plug the Soundbar you are adding into an electrical outlet, and then press the SPK ADD button for 1 second on the back of the Soundbar. When the Soundbar connects to the HUB, NETWORK CONNECTED appears on the display screen, and the Soundbar produces a sound.

You can also activate SPK ADD function of the soundbar by pressing and holding WOOFER button of the remote for over 5 seconds.

3.On your smart device, select the Samsung Multiroom app. Setup starts.

4.Connect the HUB to the wireless router with the LAN cable, and then plug in the HUB's power cable.

After pairing is complete, the Soundbar naming screen appears. Edit the name or enter a name of your own choosing.