Connecting Without a Wireless Router (Not Included)

If the Soundbar fails to connect to your network or its network connection operates abnormally, place the Soundbar closer to the HUB or your router and try again.

The Soundbar is a wireless network device. Its communications with your network may be disrupted because of the distance between it and other devices on the network, obstructions, or interference from other wireless devices.

++Connecting the Soundbar to Your Network with a LAN



Plug In


Wireless Router

1.Connect your smart device to your Wi-Fi network.

2.On your Smart device, select the Samsung Multiroom app. Setup starts.

3.In the app, select “I don’t have a Hub”, and then press Next. On the next screen, select Soundbar from the device type, and then press Next.

4.Select Wired from the network type, and then press Next.

5.Connect one end of the LAN cable to the Soundbar’s LAN port. Connect the other end to your wireless router. (You cannot use the Soundbar without a wireless router.)

6.Plug the Soundbar into an electrical outlet.

After pairing is complete, the Soundbar naming screen appears. Edit the name or enter a name of your own choosing.