If asked for PIN code when connecting a Bluetooth device, enter <0000>. ●Only one Bluetooth device can be paired at a time.

The Bluetooth connection will be terminated when you turn the Soundbar off.

The Soundbar may not perform Bluetooth search or connection correctly under the following circumstances:

--If there is a strong electrical field around the Soundbar.

--If several Bluetooth devices are simultaneously paired with the Soundbar. --If the Bluetooth device is turned off, not in place, or malfunctions.

--Note that such devices as microwave ovens, wireless LAN adaptors, fluorescent lights, and gas stoves use the same frequency range as the Bluetooth device, which can cause electric interference.

The Soundbar supports SBC data (44.1kHz, 48kHz).

Connect only to a Bluetooth device that supports the A2DP (AV) function.

You cannot connect the Soundbar to a Bluetooth device that supports only the HF (Hands Free) function.

++To disconnect the Bluetooth device from the Soundbar

You can disconnect the Bluetooth device from the Soundbar. For instructions, see the Bluetooth device's user manual.

The Soundbar will be disconnected.

When the Soundbar is disconnected from the Bluetooth device, the Soundbar will display BT DISCONNECTED on the front display.

++To disconnect the Soundbar from the Bluetooth device

Press the (SOURCE) button on the remote control or the ( ) button on the product's front panel to switch from BT to another mode or turn off the Soundbar.

The connected Bluetooth device will wait a certain amount of time for a response from the Soundbar before terminating the connection. (Disconnection time may differ, depending on the Bluetooth device)

In Bluetooth connection mode, the Bluetooth connection will be lost if the distance between the Soundbar and the Bluetooth device exceeds 5 m.

The Soundbar automatically turns off after 15 minutes in the Ready state.