++Connecting the Soundbar to Your Network via the Wi-Fi

Setup Method

Plug In

WPS/Wi-Fi SETUP button

Wireless Router

-- Follow the 1 to 3 steps as shown on the previous page. (See page 33)

4.Select Wi-Fi Setup from the network type, and then press Next.

5.Press and hold the WPS/Wi-Fi SETUP button on the back of your Soundbar for

5 seconds. Wi-Fi SETUP appears on the display screen, and you should also hear a notification sound.

You can also activate Wi-Fi SETUP function by pressing and holding AUDIO SYNC button on the remote for over 7 seconds.

6.Press Next. The smart device lists available networks and devices.

7.Select Samsung_Speaker 2013 or [Samsung]Soundbar.

This is the default Soundbar name. The Soundbar connects to your smart device. (The default security PIN is 1234567890.)

8.Press Next. The smart device lists available networks. Select your network from the list.

9.If you have a password for your network, the Security screen appears on your smart device. Use the keyboard that appears to enter your password. When done, press Connect.

10.Your smart device connects to the same network your Soundbar is attached to. When the connection is complete, press Next.

Connecting to a secure wireless network requires the correct password.

--For the password of your secured home or work wireless network, consult your Internet service provider or the network administrator.

--For the password of a Wi-Fi network in a public place such as a cafe or theater, consult the location’s general manager or information centre.

After pairing is complete, the Soundbar naming screen appears. Edit the name or enter a name of your own choosing.