Connecting with NFC Function

You can connect your Soundbar to an NFC-enabled smart device through a Bluetooth connection with a simple setup. Once connected, you can enjoy music stored in your smart device through the Soundbar. It is supported in some area’s models only.

++Connecting with NFC and smart devices

1.Detach the NFC sticker label from the package and attach it to a desired spot. ●Putting the NFC sticker within a 3 m radius from the unit is recommanded. ●Do not attach the NFC sticker on a metallic surface including the Soundbar.

Metallic object may interfere with communication and the NFC sticker may not work properly.

2. Press the (

) button on the main unit’s front panel or the

(SOURCE) button on

the remote control to select the BT mode.


3.Enable the NFC function of your smart device.

4.Bring your smart device’s NFC antenna close to the NFC label.

5.When the connection prompt appears on your smart device’s display, select <Yes>. ●Once the connection is established, the completion message appears.

ÚÚ To reconnect once the initial connection had been successful, start from step 3.

++Disconnecting NFC

Bring your smart device’s NFC antenna close to the NFC label on the Soundbar again. The disconnection message appears on the smart device's display.

++To connect another smart device to the Soundbar which is already connected to another NFC compatible device

Bring the new smart device close to the NFC label of the Soundbar.