I cannot group speakers.


Is the product connected to the network

¼¼If the product is connected to the

via Wi-Fi?

network via Bluetooth, NFC tagging, TV


SoundConnect, or AUX IN, you cannot


use the group speakers function.



App doesn't work properly


Does an error occur when accessing the

¼¼Make sure your smart device is


compatible with the app.


¼¼Make sure the app is the latest version.

¼¼If used with a HUB

-- Make sure the HUB and the smart device are connected to same router.

-- Make sure the HUB's indicator LED's show that it is working correctly.

-- If you experience troubles with connecting the HUB and Soundbar, try relocating the Soundbar so that the Soundbar is closer to the wireless router or HUB.

If the problem persists, consult the service centre for troubleshooting.