Updating firmware may not work properly if audio files supported by the Soundbar are stored in the USB storage device.

Do not disconnect the power or remove the USB device while updates are being applied. The main unit will turn off automatically after completing the firmware update.

After reset, all settings are reset to their factory default settings. We recommend you write down your settings so that you can easily reset them after the update.

Note that updating firmware resets subwoofer connection too.

If connection to the subwoofer is not established automatically after resetting, refer to page 13.

If the firmware fails to update, we recommend formatting the USB device in FAT16 and trying again.

Do not format the USB device in the NTFS format. The Soundbar does not support the NTFS file system.

Depending on the manufacturer, some USB devices may not be supported.

++Auto update

Even when the Soundbar is turned off, the Soundbar will automatically check latest software version and continue to update if it was connected to the Internet.

The Soundbar is configured to run auto update by default.

To use auto update function, the Soundbar must be connected to the Internet.

Wi-Fi connection to the Soundbar will be terminated if its power cord was disconnected or the power was cut off. Turn on the Soundbar and reconnect.