Connecting with a HUB (Not Included)

If the Soundbar fails to connect to your network or its network connection operates abnormally, place the Soundbar closer to the HUB or your router and try again.

The Soundbar is a wireless network device. Its communications with your network may be disrupted because of the distance between it and other devices on the network, obstructions, or interference from other wireless devices.

++Connecting the Soundbar(s) to Your Network with a HUB (Not Included)


Plug In


Wireless Router


Plug In

1.Connect a LAN cable to the router and the ETHERNET SWITCH on the back of the HUB.

You can connect the LAN cable to any ETHERNET SWITCH Port on the HUB.

2.Attach the HUB's power cord to the power port on the rear of the HUB, and then plug the power cord into an electrical outlet.

3.The power ( ) and the HUB ( ) indicators on the HUB's front turn on. When the

pairing indicator () begins to flash, plug the Soundbar(s) into an outlet. If the HUB's pairing indicator does not flash, press the SPK ADD button on the rear of the HUB.

If you are adding multiple Soundbar's, connect all the Soundbar's to electrical outlets. If you are not connecting all the Soundbar's, refer to page 36.