Playing Media Content Saved in a PC

++Samsung Link

Install the Samsung Link program for easier playback of music stored in your PC through Soundbar. Visit and download the Samsung Link application and finish installing it.

1.Visit and login with your Samsung account. Follow the instructions shown to install the program.

2.Select the folder to be shared.

1)Move the mouse pointer over the Samsung Link icon from the icons tray, right click on it and select “1”.


2) On the screen displayed, you can add or delete shared folders. After adding or changing contents of shared folders, make sure to press the button.

3. Select the Devices from the Samsung Multiroom app to select PC. Shared PC folders and music files will be displayed. (For further details, refer to page 53.)

Note that the PC containing the shared folders and your Soundbar must be connected to the same wireless router.

Samsung Link software should have been installed on the computer. The mobile device should support Samsung Link. For more information, visit Samsung’s content and service portal at

You may experience compatibility issues when attempting to play media files via a third-party DLNA server.

However, the content shared by a computer device may not play depending on the encoding type and file format of the content. In addition, some functions may not be available.

The media content may not smoothly play depending on the network status. If this is the case, use a USB storage device.