Software Auto Update

Shows the Soundbar's current software version, and lets you turn auto update on or off.

● Off : Turns off the auto update function.

● On : When on, automatically updates the software when new firmware is released.

Software version of Soundbar

Auto update is available when your Soundbar is connected to a network and the Software Auto Update function is set to On.

It is strongly recommended that Software Auto Update settings on all the Soundbar's used are set to On. Problems with networked functions (such as Group Play and Ear to Hear) may otherwise occur due to incompatibility issues when a variety of Soundbar software versions is used on linked Soundbar's.

For each Soundbar with an outdated software version,

1)set the Software Auto Update setting to On and

2) press and hold the ( ) button on the remote control for more than 5 seconds. The Soundbar turns off and on, and then updates its software automatically.