Screen issue

The screen display does not look normal.

Encoded video content may cause the display to appear corrupted in scenes featuring fast moving objects such as in a sports event or action video.

Low signal level or low picture quality may cause the display to appear corrupted. This does not mean the product is defective.

A cell phone within a distance of one-meter radius may cause static on analogue and digital products.

The brightness and colour do not look normal.

Go to Picture and adjust the screen settings such as Picture Mode, Colour, Brightness and






Go to System and adjust the Energy Saving settings.




Reset the screen settings to the default settings.



Broken lines are displayed on the edges of the screen.

If Picture Size is set to Screen Fit, change the setting to 16:9.



Lines (red, green or blue) are displayed on the screen.

These lines are displayed when there is a defect in DATA SOURCE DRIVER IC on the monitor. Contact a


Samsung Service Centre to resolve the issue.
The display looks unstable and then freezes.

The screen may freeze when a resolution other than the recommended resolution is used or if the signal is not stable. To resolve the issue, change the PC resolution to the recommended resolution.

The screen cannot be displayed in full screen.

A scaled SD (4:3) content file can cause black bars on both sides of an HD channel screen.

A video with an aspect ratio different from the product can cause black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

Change the screen size setting to full screen on the product or source device.

Sound issue

There is no sound.Check the connection of the audio cable or adjust the volume.




Check the volume.