Off Timer

Set the off timer (Off Timer) by making a selection from one of the seven options. (Off Timer 1 ~ Off Timer 7)

•• Setup: Select Off, Once, Everyday, Mon~Fri, Mon~Sat, Sat~Sun or Manual.

If you select Manual, you can choose the days you want Off Timer to turn off your product. -- The check mark indicates days you’ve selected.

•• Time: Set the hour and minute. Use the number buttons or the up and down arrow keys to enter numbers. Use the left and right arrow buttons to change entry fields.

Holiday Management

Timer will be disabled during a period specified as a holiday.

•• Add Holiday: Specify the period you want to add as a holiday.

Select the start and end dates of the holiday you want to add using the u/dbuttons, and click the Save button. The period will be added to the list of holidays.

-- Start: Set the start date of the holiday.

-- End: Set the end date of the holiday.

――Delete: Delete selected items from the list of holidays.

――Edit: Select a holiday item and then change the date.

•• Set Applied Timer: Set the On Timer and Off Timer to not activate on public holidays. -- Press Eto select the On Timer and Off Timer settings you do not want to activate. -- The selected On Timer and Off Timer will not activate.